Most crises can be handled within the therapy relationship. We strive to anticipate potential rough spots while in regular sessions, and make plans to cope with these before they become a problem. Sometimes situations or mental health symptoms take unexpected turns between sessions. If this occurs, you are encouraged to call your therapist (or the back-up if your therapist is not available). Typically, these problems can be dealt with by phone consultation, or if more critical, by emergency session. In critical situations, a therapist can usually be available that day/evening, or the following day.

If you are in an immediate and severe mental health emergency (e.g. someone is at immediate risk of seriously injuring themselves or someone else), and the Taylor Psychotherapy telephone is not answered in person, please hang up and call 911. Tell the dispatcher the nature of your emergency, and they will get assistance to you. If you are not a client of Taylor Psychotherapy Associates, and are in immediate emergency, please call 911. If you are not sure whether this is an immediate emergency, call 911. If this is not an immediate emergency, or the crisis is not severe (e.g. no-one is at risk of harm) and the phone is not answered directly, please leave a message, and Dr. Wolf or Dr. Whatley will get back with you shortly. Messages are checked several times throughout the day.